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Animate Carve

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Studying animation tools for architectural massing.

Animate Carve

SCI-Arv Vertical Studio :: Fall 2014

A Collaboration with Rome Cao

Instructor :: Dwayne Oyler

 This project uses scripted, animated forces to create aggressive carves that subtly wrap around objects concealed within the mass.  Animation is used to relate carved geometry to nearby site conditions such as an adjacent train line and the site’s park. The animation-based techniques prolific in early-2000's design research are repurposed to express contemporary ideas about massing and interior-exterior relations. Brutal, monolithic building masses are eroded by these forces carving through them and swirling around internal sectional objects within. Visitors to the site both register the trajectory of these animated forces as they walk along their paths next to the carved monoliths, and sense the presence of the concealed inner objects within.

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