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As the objects in our smart home increasingly "come to life" with computational brains, will our near-future smart home interactions feel like digitized creatures we co-habit our homes with?


The IOT Menagerie :: Smart Home Creatures

Harvard GSD Research Seminar :: Domestic Logistics :: Fall 2020

Instructor :: Andrew Witt

     Part of the winning portfolio submission for the GSD Digital Design Prize 2021

This body of research look at the genealogy and taxonomy of current and near-future smart home devices — an almost menagerie-like world of IoT “creatures” — and speculates on the future experience of co-inhabiting the home in parallel with these smart home devices.

Smart Home Research

We researched the complex social issues around smart home devices, and the sometimes fantastical and wonderful new "speciations" of smart home creatures they inspire. Issues like surveillance capitalism and persuasive design, when they infiltrate into our domestic spaces in the form of smart home hubs, create new forms of strange and wonderful smart home interactions. 

The IOT Menagerie

This short video speculates on near-future experiences in the smart home.

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