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UNSEnse ::
Design Technology Research

As a sensorial design intern at UNSense, Matthew lead a number of research projects on quantifying workplace experiences.


Understanding Co-Working Activities with Machine Learning

Role :: Project Lead

This research with students from the University of Amsterdam psychology department looks at predicting space use in flexibly-programmed coworking spaces.

Designed a neural-network-based system in C#/Grasshopper for predicting how workers were using different spaces in a flexibly-programmed co-working space in Amsterdam. Created a tool for collecting data to train our neural network using Survey123 ArcGIS. Designed microcontroller-based sensors to collect this data automatically in future work.

Click for Gallery. All Images Courtesy UNSense

Privacy-Respecting Co-Working Occupancy Mapping

Role :: Project Lead

This short, hands-on research project explored computational workflows for using simple webcam streams to create anonymized occupancy data for workplaces. While workplace managers find desk occupancy data useful, employees often find the sensation of being monitored to be invasive. This system anonymizes occupancy data.

Prototyped a physical and digital system for mapping desk use on large, open-use co-working desks.

Click for Gallery. All Images Courtesy UNSense

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