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UNSEnse ::
Smart Building/Smart City Consultation

As a sensorial design intern at UNSense, Matthew helped UNSense design teams consult on different smart city concepts, particularly on projects that were consulting for an architectural design team.

Note: Many projects are ongoing and still under NDA, and will be posted here after press release.

100 homes unsense.jpg

The 100 Homes Living Lab

Smart District Technology Design :: Netherlands

Role :: Design Assistant, Concepting, Visualization

The 100 Homes Living Lab is a smart district prototype within UNStudio's masterplan for the Brandevoort neighborhood, where residents take advantage of a number of smart district amenities and form the basis for the operation of UNSense's "Urban Data Platform" concept.

Click to learn more about 100 Homes Living Lab on UNSense's website.​

Contributed to early concepting for "innovation tracks" for smart district services. Researched and diagrammed cutting-edge smart district technologies, as well as smart district development schemes. Helped with rendering and diagram visualizations.

Click for Gallery. All Images Courtesy UNSense


Humanizing the Scan Car

Smart System Consultation :: Netherlands

Role :: Design Assistant,  Visualization

With the AMS Institute, UNSense consulted on ways to humanize the Netherlands' scan car systems (a smart city system popular in the Netherland where a camera mounted on top of a vehicle monitors parking status, and issues automated parking violations).

Click to learn more about UNSense's scan car consultation on their website.​

Took brainstorming concepts from four focus group sessions, and synthesized them into four concepts for reimagining more transparent, relatable, and actionable scan car interactions, each with its own visualization.

Click for Gallery. All Images Courtesy UNSense

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